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Hello, my name is China. I'm a 27 year old Graphic Designer based in Houston, Texas. Originally from the Chicago land area. I grew up interested in anything art related. From drawing, to sewing and later on in High School; graphic design. Though I studied Fashion Merchandising and design through college, my experience with promotional content has helped me branch off into new territory that've lead me to Graphic & Brand Design. 

After moving to Houston, Tx with my fiance Byron and landing a job as a marketing specialist I worked until giving birth to our son, Blace. Now a full-time mom, I quit my job to focus on caring for our son. After receiving a request from a college friend to provide a digital service and receiving positive feedback my business "Designs by China" begin.

My ability to draw, sew and have an eye for colors and creative elements are all brought to the forefront of my business. Every client receives custom one-of-a-kind designs specifically made and curated for them. I plan to take this Business to new heights and I'm excited for what's in store for Designs By China in the near future!

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